How special is a photo that’s posted on the fridge rather than our social media feed? It’s not easily forgotten, it’s viewed more than once, and it can spark joy in an ordinary moment such as cooking a meal or going for a snack. What makes it even more special is, while it could have simply been shared in seconds on social media, someone took the time to put it together and get it to the recipient.

There could be plenty of those moments hiding on our phones, social media accounts, in our cloud, or digital camera! Instead of sparking joy, they’re cluttering up our devices. Of course, we could pick our favourites and have them printed, but what if we could create small gifts for friends, family and ourselves that everyone would enjoy?

Introducing Memories My Way

Memories My Way is a place to make custom cards. Originally, the inspiration behind the site was genealogical – to create ancestral cards of one’s family. However, with a wide variety of frames and text layouts, there are many possibilities! The templates are also the perfect size for creating sports cards, miniature postcards, captioning moments with friends, save the dates, invitations, fun seating cards, valentines, memorial cards, invitations, baby announcements, thank you notes and more!

Do users need design experience?

No design experience is needed to create using Memories My Way. While the finished product is unique, our developers created Memories My Way so that users simply choose from a variety of design options such as: frames or “templates,” text layouts, and fonts to create “styles.” Users can select any colour they’d like for the frames and text.

Users create “decks” that can have one style for a consistent look or multiple styles if they want certain cards to stand out. Multiple decks can be created within an account, and are saved upon return so users can easily add to or print their decks.

With the decks, are individual cards of course. Users can create cards one at a time or upload a CSV file to create multiple. There is a walkthrough provided when this option is clicked.

An interactive tour for Memories My Way is available on-site and can be rewatched at any time if users need a refresher!

The finished product

Creating custom cards can be a 100% DIY project. Once ready to print their deck, users can export the deck to a printable PDF that an be printed on their home printer. Alternatively, these can also be emailed to a professional printer.

Once they cards are cut to size – they’re ready to be gifted to friends and family, but we’ll surely want to keep some for ourselves!

There’s bound to be some photos in your devices that are waiting to be shared!

Sign up for a Memories My Way account today to get started. Currently, it’s free!

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